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The Super Summer Science Search is a science competition we host annually in the summer. Students will solve a problem in the field of or using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Mathematics (STEAM). S⁴ is managed by the Teen Advisory Council and has been operating for the last 9 years. The goal of S⁴ is to act as a precursor for middle school students who are interested in pursuing high school science competitions. Students will gain valuable experience at a middle school level which will allow them to go into high school science competitions with experience under their belt.

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Gateway to Learning is part of the Silicon Valley Fall Festival hosted annually at Memorial Park in Cupertino. This Teen Advisory Council organized event aims to introduce elementary and middle school students to the STEM field. Approachable activities for subjects such as mathematics, scientific principles, and experimental science are put on display in our booths. These booths all have fun, simple, and interactive events for people of all ages to enjoy. With ten fun booths, there are events to be enjoyed by parents and children alike.

2021 Gateway to Learning

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