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Super Summer Science Search

The Super Summer Science Search (S⁴) is a STEAM pitch contest for middle school students. Students identify a problem in the community and pitch a solution. Since 2011, the Teen Advisory Council has hosted the competition to: 

1. Introduce students to the application of STEAM to real-life applications

2. Develop students’ hard and soft skills including essay writing, video creation, creativity, ideation, teamwork, research, and communication

3. Act as a precursor for middle school students who are interested in pursuing STEAM in further

Regardless of students’ background in STEAM, S⁴ is a great opportunity for students to explore STEAM through hands-on experience!

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S4 2023 Participant

"I learnt about the different problems in this world. Using STEAM can really help that. You can code apps, talk in public, and do so many things to help the earth."

Previous winners



Environmental Conservation

Identify a problem/area where we can be more environmentally friendly & 
use STEAM to craft an original product or solution to conserve natural habitats or resources at a local/individual level


Plastic Waste

Plastics are commonly used in our daily lives -- whether it be plastic bags from a grocery store, milk jugs or boba cups. Identify an issue with plastic waste and craft a solution using STEAM in one of the following areas: recycle, reduce, reuse, or innovate.



Research one type of disability and use STEAM to come up with a creative solution that will give people with that disability greater access to their surroundings or benefit their life in some way.


Pandemic in Cupertino

Craft a solution centered around S.T.E.A.M. that will help mitigate a specific issue faced by a specific demographic from the City of Cupertino in the wake of this global pandemic.

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