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S4 2021 Winners on The Mercury News

Congratulations to the 2021 S4 winners! Ashmit Kachhawa won first place for Plastic Imagination, a 3-D printer filament maker that reuses plastics for 3-D printing. Matthew Leung took second place for the All-In-One, an AI-enabled trash can that automatically sorts recycling. Finally, Mugdha Shinde and Namya Bhargava won third place with PlastiNo, a reverse recycling vending machine for easier recycling.

These winners are featured on the community brief of The Mercury News. Here is the link:

Additionally, you can find the video of the award ceremony here:

We again thank all of this year's S4 participants. We appreciate all the effort everyone put in and enjoyed working with you all :) We hope to see some of you in the next year's competition!

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